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Since 2009, Maximo Solar Industries has been contributing to a sustainable energy economy through the deployment of renewable energy in residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Our vision is to transform the lives of present and future generations through renewable energy.

We are committed to create environment-friendly jobs that help our customers achieve energy control while helping protect our planet from climate change. As of 2016, our solar team exceeds 70 employees, among them electricians, engineers, energy consultants, project managers, service technicians, installers and administration personnel. The dedication and passion for excellence of our staff makes Maximo Solar Industries unique in servicing and guiding the customer at all stages of the process: from consulting, sales, design, engineering and installation to service and maintenance.

At Maximo Solar, we are working toward providing you renewable energy within your reach, with high quality and trust worthy solar electric systems. Can you imagine 30 years of energy independence? We invite you to get to know or renewable energy solutions.



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