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Doggy Ice PopS

Our company manufactures and distributes ice pops and they are  manufactured using only fresh, natural  ingredients and are completely safe for pets. Our high standards of quality control eliminate any risk of contamination to the products.
Our ice pops are made with natural fruits, Chia oil and other natural ingredients, and offer the following benefits:

Contain vitamins, proteins, fibers and antioxidants that are vital to the good health and well being of dogs

· Help strengthen bones & teeth
· Boost their immune system
· maintains a shiny coat
· Help fight bad breath
· Prevents diseases of the eye
· Refreshing and nutritious snack
· Alternative to dry dog snacks

The Formulation is 100% balanced to provide good nutrition. Our quality is of the highest standards and our controls eliminate any risk of contamination.Doggy Ice Pops  is located in the City of Miami and positioned to service all of your needs, regardless of the size or number of stores.

This product promises to be an excellent seller, especially considering the number of dogs that exist in our area today.


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